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Don’t Waste Away Your Weekend Pressure Washing!

Have you ever looked at your driveway and thought, "Boy, I need to clean that"? Maybe you've seen a neighbor out there cleaning away with their pressure washer and thought you could do the same. Well, it's true. You can pressure wash your own driveway... if you wanted to. And [...]

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More Than Just Wall Colors

When it comes to paint color selection, it can be tough to figure out what’s right for your home.  At Painting America Inc, we provide so much more than just helping you decide your personal interior colors!  With a paint color consultation, we come to your home and help you [...]

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“We Absolutely Love Our New Paint Color”

As a Seattle Painting Company, we at Painting America, Inc love working with clients in and around the Seattle area! The homes are so diverse and many are full of history. In fact, a lot of homes just need the right touch, a high quality paint job, to make them [...]

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High Quality Paints Costs Explained

At Painting America Inc, we pride ourselves on our high quality, professional interior painting & exterior painting jobs. A big part of our success in such high quality work is the tools we use. And a big tool for any painter is the quality of paint being used. Benjamin Moore [...]

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Amazing Door Painting

At Painting America, we knows what it takes when it comes to door painting. This is a photo (click to enlarge) of a door that had previously been sprayed by a painter that left runs on it. Also, it had a very pitted and bumpy finish. Even after this lack [...]

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Benjamin Moore Paint – Color Consultation

Benjamin Moore Paint Color Consultant Bellevue Our comprehensive in home paint color consultation is educational, interactive and stress free.  It takes a professional Color Expert to know all things to be considered. There are several elements that are considered when selecting the right color for a space: Use of space [...]

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Does Your Home Have Vinyl or Aluminum Siding?

What is the correct way to clean it? There are many do-it-yourself methods involving a garden hose sprayer attachment a pump sprayer to apply cleaning solution, and a ladder to get to all the tall places of your home. Not to mention the weekend days lost to this homeowner chore. Only [...]

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How Much Paint Do I Need To Paint My Home?

When painting your home, it’s difficult to know how much paint you’ll need. There’s a lot to take into consideration. For starters, no two homes are alike. Naturally, the bigger the house, the more paint you’ll need. You need to think about the actual paint you’ll be using as well. [...]

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What is the Best Caulking for the Exterior of Your Home?

It pays off to select the correct caulking for the exterior of your home. The type of caulking and the application is key for protecting your home. Old caulking that has failed, and allowed water to migrate behind the siding, can cause wood rot, decay, and if left undetected, mold [...]

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What’s the Best Interior Paint?

What is the best interior paint to use for your home? This question is always up for debate. Everyone seems to provide their opinion, from report agencies consumer reviews to do-it-yourselfers even to the trusted painting professionals. Every Person has Different Experiences with Interior Paints This starts with how the [...]

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