A Premium House Painting Experience

Painting your home makes a significant difference in both look and feel.
But finding an experienced painting company with flawless craftsmanship can be hard.
Painting America makes every house painting project a premium experience.

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A Premium House Painting Experience



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We want every customer to have an “aha” moment.

Painting America
A Different Painting Contractor,
A Premium Experience

When you have your house painted, you deserve a premium experience. With Painting America you’ll get the best interior paint, precision color selection, accent color perfection, and project management coordination. Painting America takes care of these concerns with you. Dave’s expertise and Pam’s consultation produce artisan quality work designed around your family schedule and your unique home. We never rush a project or intrude on your family schedule – we coordinate with you. Quality completion is our top priority. We work with one client at a time to deliver the very best experience possible.

What is Quality Worth to You?
Premium House Painting,
Reasonable Rates

Our clients often comment that Painting America is more affordable than expected. Expectations are everything. We pride ourselves in making sure all project costs are clear and comprehensive. Many companies only include one coat of paint in their estimate (industry standard is two coats). Other companies may give you a low-end estimate to get your business rather than provide a comprehensive quote. With some companies, customers complain, “The up-charges never seemed to end.” That’s why partnering with Painting America is different. You will understand the scope of your project, all costs involved, and benefit from working directly with an owner-operator who believes your satisfaction is priority #1.

Our Concierge Approach
Makes All the Difference


Our quality craftsmanship and approach to painting is for those who want a flawless and beautiful outcome. You will work directly with Dave and Pam throughout your project.


Our project consultation will unpack your vision, color selection, paint recommendation, and project scope. We want you to be ultimately satisfied and assist you in making great choices.


We want an “aha” moment for every client when the project is completed and revealed. A premium experience means flawless craftsmanship and elaborate execution: We deliver both!

Dave Rushing, Master Painter - Painting America - Bothell, WA

Dave Rushing - "The Moore Man"

When you need interior or exterior painting done for your home or business, you want them to be clean, professional, respectful, and qualified. Dave Rushing is a forty-year master painter who is professionally trained and giving you craftsmanship quality. Dave’s expertise includes interior and exterior re-paints, painting millwork, doors, and cabinets, and custom staining of new wood surfaces. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. At Painting America, Inc., we are fully committed to flawless craftsmanship and business integrity, while providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

“Our company is founded on trust, industry knowledge, talent, and passion for what we do. We’re truly excited to help you create the home of your dreams. Dave is so well known by Benjamin Moore Paint Co. that he’s been nicknamed, ‘The Moore Man.’ ~ Dave & Pam

Pam Brooks - Project Consultant

Pam’s ability to understand project scope and color nuances helps make every project for customers of Painting America a success. Her innate understanding of color and the impact on balance in a room makes her consultation highly valuable. Her understanding of paint, tamirism, and sheen give her an overall knowledge and expertise needed to prevent frustration.  She helps you navigate a perfect painting result. Pam will meet with personally to explore your vision, answer your questions, give advice when wanted, and make sure your painting project is a truly premium experience.

Pam is the former owner of The Structured Home and worked with high-end homeowners in Bellevue, Kirkland, and throughout the Seattle area. She also worked as the Sub-Contractor Coordinator for a high-end remodeling company developing people skills, project management, hiring of quality contractors, and more. She brings these valuable experiences to the Painting America experience.   

Color Consultation: Not Just for Our Painting Clients

Painting contractors, companies, and even DIY homeowners hire Pam Brooks for her expertise with Color Consultation and project input. Expertise is needed to ensure color selections are correct for the right feel and look for any project (home, office, interior, or exterior). Pam can help you from beginning to end with your home or office project. 

Pam Brooks, Project Manager and Color Consultant - Painting America - Bothell, WA

Call Pam Today with Your Project Needs

Every Detail Is Taken Care Of

Western Washington is one of the most beautiful and expensive areas to live. Whether you live by the water in Bellevue or are remodeling a home in Kirkland or you need a local Bothell painter, you need someone who understands the unique challenges of this area when it comes to paint and lighting. Having the eye of a seasoned professional with more than 40 years of experience makes a difference. 

Our simple but comprehensive process guarantees a level of professionalism rare in the painting business. We make sure every detail is taken care of to ensure flawless craftsmanship, ingenious solutions for challenging areas, beautiful outcomes, and elaborate execution. 

Paint That Makes You Proud

When you walk into your house or drive up to your home, you should feel a sense of pride. You could spend thousands of dollars and still only get a fresh coat of paint. Dave Rushing is a forty-year, trained master painter who does the work himself and consults for painting projects around the nation. He works alongside Pam Brooks to make sure your painting project is aesthetically spectacular making your home stand out above the rest.