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If you’re a painting contractor, you know the challenges that occur in the field from adhesion problems, to process, and product choice, etc. It takes years to really know all of the unexpected problems that can impact your work or undercut your profit margin. Dave is a 40-year trained master painter with a highly developed skill set offering expert advice to painters in the field. 

Time is money in this industry. Mistakes are costly. Spending one hour with Dave Rushing for expert advice can benefit your bottom line and eliminate significant frustration:

  • Technical Aspects of Paint and Process
  • Confirmation of Your Process/Approach
  • Avoiding Costly Mistakes
  • etc. 

Investing $100 for one-hour of Dave’s expertise can save you hundreds if not thousands. Not only that, building this cost into your final bid only lends to your professionalism. After all, clients value those who are taking time and making an investment to bring expertise to the project.

Questions for Dave often begin with, “How do I…” and include specifics like:

  • Paint a six-panel door?
  • Roll a 20ft or taller wall with no lap marks?
  • Prep millwork for spray application (including pump settings & tip selection)?
  • etc. 
Other questions revolve around, “Why do I…” questions with concerns like:
  • Have tiny bubbles in my paint?
  • Experience surfactant leaching?
  • etc. 

Contact Pam to set up your personalized session with Dave.

The “Moore Man” – Dave Rushing

Dave is known as “The Moore Man” by painters and friends because of his long relationship with Benjamin Moore Paints. He is often invited to test products, issue findings, teach spray techniques, troubleshoot problem products, etc. 

Dave is an experienced teacher, expert instructor, problem solver, technique refiner, product specialist, process instructor, and tool specifier. A few minutes with Dave can save you hours on your project.

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