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Why Hire a Painting Company for Your Interior Paint Needs?

A painter who knows what they are doing will save you time and money. How many times have you gone to the paint store and brought back swatches of paint, only to go back again and again to try to find the perfect color for your interior painting project? Or tried to paint your stair railing only to realize, “Uh-oh, this doesn’t look good,” once you got started?

The Interior Paint Pros Know Their Business

Why Hire a Painting Company for Your Interior Paint Needs? - Painting America - Bothell, WA

Painting isn’t easy. You need a professional painting company for your next interior paint job.

There is a reason why there are different roller covers and brushes. To get a perfect finish, you need to have the right skills and know what tools to use.

Have you ever tried painting a door inside your house? Can you make it look like the paint job on a brand-new car? That’s not something most people would find easy. Hiring a skilled painting company can make your doors and trim look like the finish on a new car. The value of your home goes up if you paint the inside well. Have you ever looked at a house and decided not to buy it because the paint job was so bad? Most likely, someone who lives in the house did the painting. Even though they meant well, they didn’t have the skills they needed.

Professional Communication

Before the project starts, we can answer all of your questions, from defining the project’s scope to helping you choose colors and paints to doing tried-and-true color tests. Once the project is underway, we can repair your drywall and paint the inside of your home while keeping you up to date on how things are going. We can work around your family’s schedule so that we don’t get in the way of your daily life too much.

Communication is the most important part of getting an interior painting job done. We work together to get rid of any stressful parts of your project before we start, and we’re happy to make changes if something comes up during the project. Our top priority is you and making sure you’re happy. We use Benjamin Moore products of the highest quality and follow industry standards for how to do things to make sure you get the most beautiful finish possible.

License and Insurance and Expertise

In Washington, painting companies are required to have a valid business license, a bond, insurance, and pay L&I insurance for their employees. All of this is set up to keep you safe. The liability insurance makes sure that if an employee gets hurt on your property, they are covered and can’t go after your homeowners insurance. As a painting company, we have to pay both state sales tax and federal taxes on wages. Yes, this cost is part of what you pay as a consumer, but it’s worth every penny in the end.

As a painting company run by the owner, we have 40 years of experience and a high level of skill. We do not hire other contractors to do our work for us. Our owner, Dave, and our trained full-time workers do all of the work. One task at a time.

You will be sure of the colors you choose, feel good about the people who are working in your home, and know for sure how your interior painting project will turn out. When we’re done, we clean up. We sweep, mop, vacuum, wipe down counters, and clean your toilet so you don’t have to.

Ready to Talk About Your Interior Paint Needs?

Hiring a professional painting company for your interior paint job just makes sense. And we happen to know a great interior paint contractor. Give us a call today.

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