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Ceiling Paint Color: Does It Change the Light in a Room?

How can the Paint Color of a Ceiling Change the Light in a Room?

As Kirkland Interior Painting experts, we know that the paint color applied to the ceiling will change how much natural light is reflected into the space.

A color’s Light Reflectance Value (LRV) measures the amount of visible and usable light that reflects from (or absorbs into) a painted surface. Simply put, LRV measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects.

White being 80%-90% LRV-Light Reflectance Value. Is the smart choice when a room is challenged with minimal natural light due to trees, north facing window, or no windows at all.

Media rooms, on the other hand, warrant a very dark color (LRV 8%-12%) for the ceiling and walls. To enhance the movie viewing experience, and reducing the lumen output by the projector. A minimal to no reflective light is desired. Low reflectance colors are helpful in bedrooms when the occupant needs to sleep during daylight hours-add some black out drapes hung from ceiling to floor, wall to wall.

This blocks all incoming light from the window.

In the image on the left, the client wants to be surrounded in her “happy color” while she works in her main floor dining room, repurposed as her “work from home office.”

She preferred, light blue on 3 walls, dark blue on end and ceiling with a white soffit to aide in LRV. She was thrilled with the blue interior and green foliage exterior. An outdoor enthusiast, bringing colors found in nature, inside.

The image on the right was a different home. The main wall color is Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray in the entire home.

The desire was to add a bit of fun and interest to their dining experience, as well as bring the ceiling down, for a cozier feel. The ceiling color is Ben Moore Cognac Snifter-when done in a higher sheen looks just like copper. The color of the cherry table was the natural inspiration for the color choice.

The client reports that it is the most loved space by all that visit.

This image showcases walls and soffits the same color while the ceiling is white. The wall color is Ben Moore Smoke Embers and the ceiling color is Ben Moore Simply White.

When the wall color is a bit lower on the LRV scale (51%) a white ceiling helps to reflect light from the incoming natural light.

A typical ceiling height is 8ft. In the event that a ceiling is lower than 8ft, often seen in a basement of an older home. It gives visual lift to the space by painting the ceiling white, and adds light reflectance to a minimal window basement setting. Painting a tired brick fireplace a lighter or white color in a low ceiling room will draw the eye up and provide the illusion of more height to the space.

In the areas of your home where the room can handle a pop of color for design interest, without compromising the overall LRV. We are happy to work with you and come up with ideas that suit your style. Colors and their light values, evoke memories, feelings, and attitudes.

Working with our Color Consultant will cover all information involving color, light, design trends and so much more.

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” ~Wassily Kandinsky.

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