Paint Expert Offers Knowledge on The Science of Paints

At Painting America, every now and then we feel it’s important to dive into some of the specifics of the paint we work with. So we start with Paint Science. 

As a high quality painting contractor, it’s not enough to just do the job and leave. We make sure we stay educated about the paints we work with.

For some quick background, Dave (co-owner of Painting America) is a repaint specialist and stays current with the ever changing technology of paint.

He has over 32 years of experience in a wide range of painting we consider it his “Doctorate degree” in painting knowledge.

When you hire Painting America, you get a paint enthusiast, or geek, an artist at heart, a drive to please and the desire to surprise. This is why we put such an emphasis on Paint Science. 

Painting America is not for the person looking for a cheap paint job, but rather the discerning client that desires quality, wants it done right, with no micro management and can trust that Dave the specialist has the client’s best interest at heart.

With that said, here’s a breakdown of some of the paints that Dave and his team use.

Paint Science Explained

1 Titanium dioxide is white pigment found in paint, sunscreen and food

2 Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely of the minerals calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

Many limestones are composed from skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as coral Limestone has numerous uses: as a building material, as aggregate for the base of roads, as white pigment or filler in products such as toothpaste or paints.

3 Nephelene syenite is a holocrystalline plutonic rock that consists largely of nepheline and alkali feldspar. The rocks are mostly pale colored, grey or pink, and in general appearance they are not unlike granites, but dark green varieties are also known.

Phonolite is the fine-grained extrusive equivalent. Nepheline syenite is used in glass making, ceramics and in pigments and fillers.

4 Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock that is easily crumbled into a fine white to off-white powder.

This powder has an abrasive feel, similar to pumice powder, and is very light as a result of its high porosity. Diatomaceous earth consists of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae.

It’s used as a filtration aid, mild abrasive in products including toothpaste, mechanical insecticide, absorbent for liquids, matting agent for coatings, reinforcing filler in plastics and rubber, anti-block in plastic films, porous support for chemical catalysts, cat litter, activator in blood clotting studies, and a stabilizing component of dynamite. As it is heat-resistant, it can also be used as a thermal insulator.

5 Amorphous silicon is a chemical that allows bonding.

6 Ethyl acetate is the organic compound. This colorless liquid has a characteristic sweet smell and is used in glues, nail polish removers, decaffeinating tea and coffee, and cigarettes Ethyl acetate is present in confectionery, perfumes, and fruits. It is also used in paints as an activator or hardener

We specify the paint the best for the interior, based on the client’s needs.
We provide receipts of material to guarantee that said products were indeed used.

Ceiling Paint, Kirkland Paint Contractor, Painting AmericaBenjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint

Specifically formulated for ceilings, Waterborne Ceiling paint is ultra flat, hiding common ceiling imperfections for a look that is virtually flawless. No glare or overlapping

Low Voc, minimal odor                Retails $40 we pass on our savings $30

Regal Interior Paint, Kirkland Paint Contractor, Painting AmericaRegal® Select Waterborne Interior Paint

Featuring Advanced Particle Technology.  A premium quality 100% acrylic flat enamel featuring excellent stain resistance.  It contains microscopic ceramic beads and proprietary stain release technology that together create a protective surface that resists the absorption of stains.  Most common household stains can be easily removed with mild soap and water.

50 VOC low odor                            Retails $53                 ours $40

BM Aura Interior Paint, Kirkland Paint Contractor, Painting AmericaBenjamin Moore Aura® Interior Paint
Aura is quite simply the finest paint we’ve ever made, offering the most advanced way to bring color to life. Using Ben mores exclusive Color Lock® technology , Aura delivers
Superior durability, paint color retention, and a polomer surfactant elevates the performance, comparable to none other.

50 VOC low odor                    Retails $70             ours $54

We know can get pretty specific. We can help you understand what this all means for your home.

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