What is the Difference between Repaint Specialist and New Construction Painter?

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As Repaint Specialists in Bellevue, Washington, we’re often asked, “What’s the difference between you and new construction painters?”

This article answers that question. There are a few things to consider.

1. You are only as good as your teacher.

The definition of a true repaint specialist is one that trained for many years with a repaint specialist and has had many years in the field honing his craft.

Painting America Co-Owner Dave Rushing says, “Remember Karate Kid? When Mr. Miagi taught Daniel Son, wax on/wax off.”

Well Dave’s father was Mr. Miagi; Paint on (but no paint off!)

We choose to paint exteriors only in the summer because that is when the climate is best suited for risk free painting. We are repaint specialists, not new construction. The builder is forced to paint in all climate conditions to close escrow. His bottom line is to sell the house.

The new construction painter will use oil paint, because it won’t run off if it gets wet. Oil house paint does not stand up to the elements over time, it is not permeable and it traps moisture behind it.

In 3-5 years the homeowner will see fading, blistering, peeling and mostly, mold growth. This is what gives the repaint specialist job security. Painting America paints exteriors with latex paints that have fade resistors, mold inhibitors and expands and contracts to allow moisture to escape.

This paint job lasts for 15-18 years, clearly the best solution for the homeowner.

2. Is it important to have the owner/specialist perform the work?

Yes, each house is a piece of art. Because Dave holds his craft to very high standards and each house must be up to that standard, for him to be happy, confident and proud of his work.

Only then, can he present the masterpiece to the homeowner. He is happy when they are happy.

A win- win for both.

3. What can we expect during the bid visit?

We will assess the the home and provide you with the facts that you need to make an informed decision. There are quality materials at affordable prices to fit every ones budget.

The substrate condition is crucial. It is the foundation of a quality paint job. We understand the products and process to improving the condition of the substrate, to then accept a specialty primer and finish paint.

A thorough understanding of the chemistry of paint allows us to offer you the right solution to your repaint project. Not all paints are created equal.

In the last several years, scientists have changed the world of paint performance, with the introduction of thermal plastics, (allowing for expansion and contraction, eliminating peeling) & improved polymers (for super adhesion).

Interior paints offer little to no voc, ceramic spheres for durability and wash ability and colorants that produce amazing dept of color. There are paints for every family’s needs.

4. Is every painting contractor qualified to repaint my home?

No, for example; not every painting contractor is licensed, bonded, or insured. With all the unemployed construction people, several are forced to offer painting services, just to put food on their table.

They simply cannot afford the cost involved in obtaining the credentials to operate a business legally in WA.

Unfortunately paint manufactures do not require certification to apply their paint and the state of WA does not require the contractor to take a written test to confirm their knowledge.

Dave self trains by reading Quality Paint Institute and a wide variety of paint professional materials. He spends an average of 4 hours a week researching and studying products and procedures.

This all is the sum of what sets a repaint specialist apart from other painters.

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