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What Happens to Exterior Latex Paint, if applied during high humidity or rainy conditions?

High Humidity on Exterior Latex Paint

Water evaporation is the first step of the drying process. High moisture present in the air during application or shortly after inhibits the evaporation process. Exterior latex paint can bring with it, certain challenges. 

The next factor is coalescent solvents which soften the binder particles and glue them to the pigment particle. If the said solvents evaporate before the water does, then the paint film is laden with water. This inhibits proper paint film formation, leading to paint failure; blistering, loss of gloss, or can simply run off the substrate.

Surfactant Leaching is the most common effect seen when latex paint is applied during times of high humidity.

Surfactants are the ingredient in paint that keep the colorants stable and helps with surface tension from a liquid to a solid. This leaching will cause a clear wax like substance or a colorant run out, down the siding of your home.

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