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Premium Quality Exterior Latex Paint vs Exterior Alkyd (oil) Paint

Latex vs Alkyd

Alkyd paints draw oxygen from the air to polymerize, or to dry. This continuous process causes fading and cracking. UV radiation destroys binder in the paint, leaving pigment exposed, and causing major chalking; if not cleaned properly this will cause adhesion trouble of the new coating. You can expect the life of an exterior oil paint job to last only 3-5 years.

Do you see black spots on your house?

Alkyd products attract mildew spores, because they are derived from fatty acid vegetable oil; linseed, soya and safflower, all a great food source for the mildew spores.

What is the best paint to use on for residential exterior repaints?

Painting America, Inc. uses Benjamin Moore premium quality exterior 100% acrylic, latex paint.

Providing thermoplastics that expand and contract with the temperatures; it contains the highest level of binder to create super adhesion to the substrate. Premium acrylics contain mildewcides to inhibit mildew growth. This paint offers great color retention and durability.

A house properly prepped and painted with premium quality exterior acrylic, latex paint will remain protected from the elements and look beautiful for 15-18 years.

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