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When is Exterior Painting Season?

Painting America, Inc. paints home exteriors in the summer months; typically July 5th through September as long as weather will permit. In the Pacific Northwest June is usually a rainy month including the 4th of July.

The weather is a big factor in painting. It is not only the rain, but the temperature, humidity, and wind all play a part. Industry standards are to paint in proper climate. Why? What happens if you paint when conditions are not perfect?

There are a number of things that can occur, leaving the paint film compromised and leading to run off, unsightly appearance or premature paint failure. It is the responsibility of the painting contractor to follow industry standards, product application process and dry times.

Exterior Painting Innovation

At Painting America, Inc. we always follow industry standards, stay up on the ever changing technology of paint and never compromise. It is our job to provide you with the most up to date data, regulations, and requirements. We paint by the book, run our business by the book.

Our knowledge and extensive exterior prep sets us apart from the average painting company.

A typical exterior paint job by Painting America will last 15-18 years. This is because we do what science tells us to do.

Painting America, Inc. has built our 23 year reputation on building exterior finish systems that out lasts the average paint job.

All Benjamin Moore products specified are premium level of quality and function. We apply these products per industry standard and as specified by the manufacturer. Following these standards guarantees you proper mil build on your home for many years of protection:

5.3 mils wet-2.3 mils dry: per coat is required to be considered a full two coats. We use a mil gauge

to confirm accuracy.

Beware: Two coats applied wet on wet, is not industry standard and is not creating proper mil build. This mistake is often made, when the painter or consumer is looking to save money on paint cost. It takes less paint to apply wet on wet, creating less coverage and protection, resulting in having to repaint in a few years, ultimately costing more over time.

We guarantee our work for 7 years from peeling and blistering.

Benjamin Moore premium paints are made with proprietary Gennex Colorants. Providing the advantages of test proven, improved color retention, consistent durability, superior hide and zero VOC.

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