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Why is it important to have an in home paint color consultation?

Wall color is affected by the direction of the natural light. This is something that you may not know, but a house paint color consultant is sure to know! 

This photo gives a very good representation of how natural lighting can change the color dramatically.

During your color consultation with Painting America you will learn why this happens and we will explore to what degree, your chosen colors will be affected by the natural lighting, unique to your home.

Color Consultation helps you choose color

A small wall will be painted, for you to observe, throughout the day and evening, to check for any undesirable lighting effects.

In this case, our client was thrilled with the different warm shades.

The color selected from the fan deck (SW Blond) is closely represented to the right of the fire place, under the chair rail. The area appears as a light rectangle.

As your eye moves up that wall and to the right, the color remains yellow, but in the corner, the color appears less yellow with a gray overlay.

As your eye moves over the mantel to the left the yellow appears deeper, warmer and slightly orange.

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