5 Reasons Why a Paint Color Consultation is Beneficial

Expert Color Consultant, Kirkland Paint Contractor, Painting AmericaAs a Painting Contractor in the Eastside area, we work hard to make sure we provide the highest quality painting services we can.

Part of that includes making sure you get the right paint, the right color, and the right “feel” for your home.

Because of that, we offer a color consultation as part of our services. With that in mind, here are 5 reasons on how we’ll help you with your color consultation.

Color Consultation Benefits

#1 – Consulting before you paint takes the guess work out of selecting color.
Reducing stress and providing confidence in your selection, ultimately making your vision come to life.

There is a lot to take in and to understand when working with paint color in interior spaces. Painting America’s comprehensive color consulting session guides you to selecting your colors that are right for you.

We are there to educate you and to assist you, so you can zero in on your colors with total confidence.

 #2 – Working with a color consultant saves you time & money.
 You won’t have to make many trips to the store to purchase yet another can of test paint, take it home and apply it, just to find out it’s still not right!

#3 – We explain color psychology and the effects on the mood.

A color consultant asks many questions to determine likes, dislikes, design theme, overall feeling, and usage of the space.

#4 – You are involved in the process of selecting your colors. You are supplied with the knowledge and confidence to determine your colors for your home.
We teach you about colorants, light reflective value, and how paint color affects a space.

It’s determined where color starts and stops, and why. During our visit we start with fan decks and graduate to larger color samples.

We move around the spaces with the samples and watch the color change, to determine if they change to a color you are not fond of.

You are asked to give honest responses. It’s our goal to help you select color that is right for you.

Painting America provides a painted wall, for you to observe in different lighting of the day and night. Light bulbs and their affect; is also discussed.

By the end of the first 24 hours, you will know without a doubt, that the color is perfect!

#5 – Color consulting is about exploring options you may not have thought of.
The color on your walls is 60% of your home design. It is very important that all things be considered and that the color makes you feel happy, calm, energized or peaceful, whichever you desire.

Our eyes are trained to see color; we have the experience of working with hundreds of colors in a multitude of lighting conditions.

We know what colorant is needed to correct an undesirable outcome.

For instance, a Northern facing window light will cast a cool gray light on a nice pale yellow and turn it brassy green. What is the correction?

Select a yellow with a drop of brown in the recipe. Don’t worry!

When we are done you too will be able to look at a color and “see” what colorants went into that color recipe.


If you have any questions or would like to have your own color consultation, please call us today at 425-488-1192 or visit us online at PaintingAmericaInc.com


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