Color Specialists Painting America Announce – 2013 Color Palette is Here!

Color Palette of the Year

We are excited about the new color trends for your interior spaces. We are moving away from the deep tones of years past, and introducing inspiring colors in a warm and cool palette.

Interestingly combined, creates a very soothing, comfortable ambiance. The colors are softer, lighter and inspire feelings of comfort, joy and hope.

Painted ceilings are back! A room is transformed by adding color and interest to the ceiling.
We are seeing warm rich earth tones on the ceiling, combined with a cool blue-gray for the walls.

Or accent a wall with deep gray to highlight a fire place and millwork, for the remaining walls, a soft subdued yellow.

Using yellow in a room with minimal lighting will change the space to a lighter, happier, and inspiring room. Yellow is considered optimistic and is the “hot” color for the year.

Finding just the right yellow, that does not swing green, or reflect off your skin is a challenge that all color consultants and designers can relate to. The new yellows inspire us to create!

Look around your home, the New Year is here, the holiday decorations are stored. It is time to make that list of home improvements. Adding color to the walls is without doubt, the least expensive way to create a feeling in your home. You can add area rugs, buy new furniture, hang a picture and put a plant in the corner, but it just doesn’t evoke an emotion, or invite a person to sit and stay awhile.

The feeling is in the color that surrounds you, the color on the ceiling and walls is the icing on the cake.

Which rooms would you like to add color? Consider an energy color for the workout room; a calming color for the nursery and an optimistic, happy color for your sitting room?

Or introduce one color throughout the entire home, to create a peaceful, continuous flow as you move from room to room.

We take the stress out of selecting paint color, an informative, fun and interactive experience.

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