Bothell Client Gets Arrow Straight Lines

Bothell Painting CompanyLines brings definition

As a Bothell Painting Company, Painting America pays attention to every detail.

One significant proof of quality work is a painters lines. Paint contractors talk amongst themselves about whether a new employee can cut a decent line. It is something to achieve in a painters career and can make or break a painting contractor.

Painting America cuts very straight lines, free hand, where wall meets ceiling, or crown.

In the case of two colors meeting at a corner or graphics for a theme room, steps are taken to assure no paint bleed through and a perfect straight line.

Painters tape is applied uniformly. A thin line of clear caulking is applied to the edge of the tape, the excess is removed with a damp rag.

This dries and becomes the invisible barrier to prevent bleed through. There is no ridge visible, once the tape is removed.

Arrow straight lines, EVERY time!!! And you can repaint when it suits your new use of the room and not have to worry about telegraphing ridge lines.

Bothell Painting Company

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