Bellevue Painting Contractor Features Client On-Site Doors Sprayed

Bellevue Painting ContractorSpray finish quality procedure

As a Bellevue Painting Contractor, we can help you transform the look of your interior by painting your stained doors.

Painted doors and millwork will allow for more options in wall color, lighten a hallway significantly and update your home.

Painting America sets doors up, on site in a Bellevue home, to spray the new finish.

We eliminate the possibility of damaging the doors during transport by painting in the client’s home.

We create a paint booth, inside where the temperature and humidity can be controlled.

We hang plastic to tent off the room in effort to keep the over spray contained.

The doors are allowed to dry a sufficient amount of time before hanging them and installing hardware.

One side of door sprayed, Bellevue Contractor, Painting AmericaThe finish coat is smooth, contaminate free and beautiful!!

Call today for an in home free estimate to transform the look of your interior, with painted doors and millwork.
Painting America, serving Bellevue and the Eastside for 22 years.

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