Kirkland Client has Oak Kitchen Cabinets Painted

Oak Kitchen Cabinets Transformed

As a Kirkland Painting Company, we like to help our clients get the job done right every time. Our client in Kirkland discovered that painting oak without seeing the grain is possible.

The cost to repaint verses replace or reface is far less.

Painting America goes to great lengths to achieve a smooth, grain fee, finish when painting an open grain hard wood, like oak.

Painting America sets up painting booth in the home to prepare and paint, it is best not to transport freshly painted materials, the risk of damaging is there and we like to avoid risk.

The grain of the oak is filled with 1-2-3 coats of paste filler, sanded between each coat.

The panels are caulked in and all the paintable surfaces are sanded thoroughly and checked with halogen lighting for uniformity.

Only when the surfaces pass inspection, are they then vacuumed, wiped of all contaminates and sprayed with primer.

Primer dries over night, then sanded, vacuumed and wiped of all contaminates and the first coat of finish is sprayed, allowed to dry, and the final coat is applied and allowed to dry over night.

Painting America prefers to use Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo oil, for its amazing leveling properties and lifetime performance.

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