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Interior Paint Colors, Woodinville, Mill Work

How to Spray Painting millwork in a lived in home:

The process is as follows: Contents of the home moved and stored out of the home. Protect all flooring, adjacent wallboard and windows. Apply caulking to areas where trim meets wall, trim meets jam and window. We will then fill obvious dings, with car Bondo. NOTE: It is impossible to fill ALL dings in old millwork. Sand all surfaces. Vacuum and wipe with tac cloth to remove contaminates. Apply primer, let dry and sand. Finally we vacuum and wipe with tac cloth. Apply two coats of finish.

The Impact of Paint Color~ without a doubt there is a psychology of color. Color has an effect on our moods, appetite and our energy level. Years of research have shown that certain colors elicit specific-and often strong- responses.

Carefully considered color schemes symbolize an integral part of the ambience within the home.

It is important to understand the meaning of colors when planning your repaint.
Red, orange, and yellow are referred to as “warm” colors since they evoke images associated with heat, like fire or sunshine. These colors make us feel warm in a psychological way.

Red is powerful, it can increase blood pressure and heart rate. If often produces feelings of energy & passion. Red also stimulates the appetite and is a great choice for dining rooms, and kitchens.

The mood of orange is a more friendly color than fiery red, more welcoming. Orange works well in family rooms and is a good choice for children’s rooms.
Yellow catches the eye like no other color, great for rooms with minimal natural light. Yellow is a mood lifter for most, but if too bright can create anxiety in children.

Cool colors reference pastoral landscapes and ocean vistas. They elicit feelings of peace, tranquility, and relaxation.

Blue is a naturally soothing color, from sparkling sea-grass blue to colonial blue-gray, suitable for all living spaces, be careful in the dining room, possibly because there are very few blue foods, and your guests may never go home.

Green has a calming effect mostly because it is a dominant color in nature ranging from celery and asparagus to fir and fern and we feel comforted with it anywhere in the house.
Violet has a calming effect with children and is a great choice for bedrooms and play areas.

Interestingly, many adults dislike purples, although it is a harmonious combination of patriotic blue and red hues. Color and its effect on us psychologically is especially evident to us in the Pacific Northwest where the winter months can drag on with never ending gray skies. Painting with carefully selected colors and hues is an affordable way to enhance your living space, create calming or energetic moods and to represent your personality.

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