Interior Paint Colors, Woodinville, Benjamin Moore Paint

Interior Paint Colors, Woodinville, Benjamin Moore Paint

Why we use Benjamin Moore Paint

As Painting Professionals and color consultants we rely on Benjamin Moore color palette and premium paints from Northwest coastal, European influenced, to modern; there is a color to meet all needs.

You get what you pay for when it comes to paint. Premium paint offers advanced technology by providing durability with ceramic spheres. It also has an aesthetic value and matte finish.

Why Painting America is Your Best Painting Contractor

With Painting America, we guarantee you our best work. But we don’t only guarantee it, we back it up with solid reasons why you can feel good about going with us as your painting contractor.

One of the main reasons you can feel secure about us is because of our adherence to the regulations of our industry. Let’s take a look at some of the math behind a bid you might receive from an average contractor.

There can be a lot of differences in the costs of different bids from different contractors. One factor that can contribute to bid cost difference is how a painting business is operated. A union journeyman painter can make $30+ an hour, with benefits.

At Painting America, we are not union, but we pay our employees a fare wage, (between $18-$22 depending on experience). We pay L & I on our employees as required by state law. We pay our state and federal taxes every month and our taxes are filed every year on time by a CPA.

Some contractors try to get around these normal business expenses and rules by sub-contracting or piece work. When they sub out the work, they are expecting the sub to be licensed, bonded and insured. The contractor is supposed to provide a 1099 to the sub, requiring the sub to pay his taxes.

The sub is offered a flat rate to paint a house, for instance, 20 houses, $500 per house. The sub only sees $10,000, for 20 houses and his reputation is not in play here. He knows that if anything goes wrong that it falls back on the licensed contractor.

If the sub is licensed, bonded and insured they can be held accountable, but you, the homeowner, will need to verify everyone that is working on your home. The contractor that seeks to sub his work, is looking to put more money in his pocket, and can make the mistake of hiring workers that will work for pennies and are not painting specialists.
You can see the difference right away. Their heart is just not in it. It’s just a way to make some cash and move on.

Generally speaking, it’s risky to do business with a company that’s not in it for building long lasting client relationships for the sake of referral and business success. When a painting company is in it just to make a fast buck, it shows.

Now, if you want a quality painting contractor with 30+ years of experience, abides by all of the regulations, and is all about building strong customer relationships, then you might consider Painting America!

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