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Communicating with Your Painting Contractor

As a Painting Company in Bellevue, we know how confusing painting terms can be.

For example, have you ever began a conversation with a painting company and you feel lost because you are not familiar with the terms they are using?

Communication with your Bellevue painting contractor is key.

It’s true, painters have a lingo, and terms that we use, that is not always clear to others. This can lead to miscommunication or misunderstanding involving the scope of the work.

It is important to understand the terms so that you know what you are reading in the contract and you can follow the conversation while discussing the project. Your painter will appreciate you for learning the “painters’ lingo”.

Painting Company in Bellevue

As illustrated in the before and after image above, the scope of work for this project was:

Remove medallion, fill, prime, caulk in and paint the newel post, banister, skirts, risers and trim.

The components of a staircase:

Newel Post – The vertical large post

Rosette or medallion – Decorative flower like attachment

Balusters – Vertical pieces, either wood or metal that hold up the railing.

Tread – The part of the stairway that is stepped on.

Riser – The vertical portion between each tread on the stair.

Skirt or stringer – There are typically two skirts, one on either side of the stairs; on the wall.

Trim – shoe mold used under the treads.

Banister, Railing or Handrail – The angled piece for hand holding. The term “banister” is sometimes used to mean just the handrail, or sometimes the handrail and the balusters or sometimes just the balusters.

Millwork – Painters use the term millwork when referring to interior painting projects involving the painting of the millwork along with walls and ceilings. This is to describe all the baseboards, door trim, window trim, wainscot and window sills within a home. “Patterned millwork building components fabricated by milling and planing”

Caulk in – short for “apply caulking where wood meets wood and where wood meets the wall.”

Fill – apply wood filler to the wood surface, to fill in the large grain.

Terms that are used universally amongst the painting industry:

Cut in – the term used for painting with a brush, up close to the ceiling, with the wall color. A talented painter can cut a nice straight line, freehand. This is a sure sign of experience and demonstration of a passion for the craft. It takes drive to strive for great cut in abilities.

Lids – ceilings

Sheen – the level of shine in your paint, flat for ceilings, matte or eggshell for walls. Satin for

Texture – the finish on your drywall. Smooth or level 5, light dash, orange peel or heavy knockdown.

Vac and Tac – vacuum sanded millwork and wipe down with a TAC cloth-sticky cloth for fine particles.

These painter terms are to name just a few and should help you while speaking with your painting company in Bellevue.

At Painting America Inc. it is our commitment to each and every client to provide all information needed to make an informed decision.

What do you do? Paint the railing, stain the railing or a combination of both?

This depends on your overall design lane. An appointment with our color consultant will address all these questions and provide you with the color palette for your home.

It Begins and Ends with Color.

Pam Brooks-Color Consultant-Painting America Inc.

Painting Company in Bellevue

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