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High Quality Paints Costs Explained

At Painting America Inc, we pride ourselves on our high quality, professional interior painting & exterior painting jobs.

A big part of our success in such high quality work is the tools we use. And a big tool for any painter is the quality of paint being used.

Benjamin Moore Painting Contractor

The paints we use for your home interior are from the premium line of Benjamin Moore products.


Because not all paints are created equal. The premium line of paints are designed to deliver premium results in function and appearance.

Paint companies offer three lines of paint for the consumer:

  1. Low
  2. Mid-range
  3. Best

You get what you pay for in the paint world, for sure!

All paints within the given company and when comparing from company to company, offer different properties in the chemistry which provides a variation of features.

Painting America has specified the premium line of paints because when coupled with wall texture correction and wall repairs. The premium paint delivers an amazing beautiful high functioning coating for many years to come.

It’s fade resistant, ceramic particles provides, wash ability, streak proof and touch ups are more forgiving. You can see the difference!

Premium paint offered to our clients, below retail cost:

  • Ultra-Flat Ceiling is $190 per five gallons
  • Regal-matte finish is $250 per five gallons
  • Aura Bath & Spa is $300 per five gallons

Option to select mid- level paints, offered below retail cost: 

  • Stay with Ultra Flat $190 per five gallons (it offers the best coverage)
  • Ultra-Spec 500-low luster $160 per five gallons
  • Ultra-Spec 500-pearl $190 per five gallons

The mid- level paint sheen is shinier, than above mentioned matte finish. The color tends to read differently due to the higher sheen.

Also, there is a cross link technology which provides scrub ability. This is a good choice where budget is a factor, and more durability is required.

Paint companies also offer a line of paint for the builders. These are not paints you would typically use on a repaint.

These paints are very low cost and don’t have much to offer. They’re certainly not washable and it looks drab and flat.

Feel free to discuss your paint options with us. We’re more than happy to advise accordingly.

The reason Painting America is a Repaint Specialist Company is to correct the myriad of problems
that come with new construction prep processes and paint jobs.

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