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What is the Best Caulking for the Exterior of Your Home?

Caulking Painting Contractor’s Use

As a Bellevue Exterior Painting Contractor, we know it pays off to select the correct caulking for the exterior of your home. So what is the Caulking Painting Contractor’s use then?

After all, the type of caulking and the application is key for protecting your home.

Old caulking that has failed, and allowed water to migrate behind the siding, can cause wood rot, decay, and if left undetected, mold will most likely grow in your walls.

This can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to eradicate.

The Different Kinds of Caulking for Your Home

There are several different types of caulking on the market. Silicone, acrylic latex, solvent based, elastomeric and butyl rubber to list the most common.

It is best to avoid a fast dry acrylic caulking for exteriors use. These are fine for interior millwork but not the best for exterior jobs. Ideal for interior because it dries in 30 minutes, but cannot provide the life span and elongation necessary for the harsh elements of the exterior of your home.

The role of a top quality exterior caulking is to expand and contract as needed, without cracking.

The first thing to look for in exterior caulking is the amount of elongation it has. In other words, “How wide does it stretch before it cracks or peels away from the surface?”

The longer and wider the caulking can stretch, the more protection you will have on your home.

It’s best to look for a 100% acrylic silicone elastomeric caulking that offers 400% to 800% elongation.

A great product is Pro Stretch by All Pro. Our favorite! It is available at all Mallory Paint Stores featuring Benjamin Moore Paints.

Each tube of caulking will caulk about thirty to sixty linear feet depending on the size of the joint that is being caulked in. Applying that right amount of caulking is critical to longevity. If the caulking is applied too thin it will soon crack out when the substrate moves.

Most water-based exterior (acrylic) caulking can be painted over in four hours but best results are achieved when allowed to dry overnight.

If you have larger gaps you may need to fill the gap with backer rod.

This is a specialized poly rope to fill in the gap then apply the caulking. You can find this at your local hardware store. It comes in several different sizes to choose from.

Award-Winning Painting Contractor

At Painting America Inc., we specify premium materials for your home.

With the correct preparation followed with premium Benjamin Moore Paint we are able to provide your home’s exterior with 12-18 years of protection.

We are located in Bothell and have been serving Bellevue, Bothell, Kirkland, Redmond, Millcreek, Woodinville, and Bothell for over 25 years. We’re a Bellevue exterior painting contractor and we take pride in our work.

For more information on our painting processes visit our blogs on our website or call Painting America Inc. today at 425-488-1192.


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