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The Role of Color In Your Life

At Painting America, we understand that color plays a big part in how we feel in our home and offices.

If you’re not sure, have you ever considered getting a paint color consultation? They’re great for helping your determine what you want and need in terms of colors in your home.

Take a look at some of the colors below with their corresponding keywords:

Turquoise. Insight, progressive thinking, healing.
Red. Self-motivation, leadership, generosity.
Chartreuse. Flexibility, growth, expansion.
Pink. Support, nurturance, sympathetic, understanding.
Black. Self-sufficiency, individualism, protection.
Burgundy. Adventure, expression.
Green. Clear perception, self-recognition, and compassion.
Orange. Quick-thinking, intuition, independence.
Yellow. Communication, observation.
Blue. Clear thinking, diligence, organization.
Mint. Self-healing, tranquility, time-out.
Indigo. Self-reliance, clear and holistic thought.
White. Cleansing, protective, simplification.
Gray. Need a vacation, acute sensibility, calming.
Purple. Artistry, spirituality, culture.
Yellow Orange. Life-promoting creativity, quickness.


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