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Power Washing State Department of Ecology Regulations

State Regulations

The Federal Clean Water Act prohibits discharge of pollutants into waters of the United States. These new power washing regulations affect all painting and power washing companies.

The question remains, how does this affect the consumer when hiring a company for pressure washing services?

You want to confirm with the company that the wash water from the driveway, sport court and sidewalk will not be discharged in the storm drain. According to the Washington State Department of Ecology, the most common ways to avoid this is to divert the wash water to grass or vegetation, where it will be absorbed into the soil, a natural filtering system. Or berm the water and allow it to evaporate.

If necessary the water can be vacuumed and poured on to grass areas or contained and transported to a NPDES permitted sanitary sewer system.

Painting America, Inc. diverts water when possible, berms and vacuums and pours onto grass with permission of the client. In the case where the water needs to be transported to a treatment facility there are additional fees involved and arrangements can be made.

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