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Pressure Washing – Getting Your Patio Clean

Patio Pressure Washing

Bothell power washing is the key to making everything look great! For example, outdoor patios are a great place to sit back and enjoy a beautiful day.

But, over time, dirt, grime and even moss can cause nasty discoloration, leaving your patio looking dull and unwelcoming.

Luckily, pressure washing can restore your patio, to its former glory.

Painting America, Inc. uses commercial grade washers that can get the job done very quickly, in just a few hours in many cases.

Saving you; from spending several hours cleaning and going back over areas that didn’t come clean in the first attempt.

Our rate is $75 per hour. This includes set up and fuel. We suggest walkways and driveways be included in a yearly or bi yearly clean, to eliminate slippery surfaces during the winter months.

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