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Exterior Paint Chemistry – What You Should Know

Paint Chemistry Explained

All paints are not created equal. Exterior paint chemistry is actually pretty complex. There are several exterior paints on the market that claim 100% acrylic content. Some of these products are lower line. All manufacturers offer different grade paint, low to high.

Painting America, Inc. uses Benjamin Moore’s premium quality paint, due to the fact that premium paint has higher levels of titanium dioxide, for greater coverage, mildewcides for years of protection from fungus growth and thermo plastics, allowing for expansion and contraction.

The Gennex Colorants, (offered only by Benjamin Moore) advantages are durability, superior hide and improved color retention, plus only 42 grams voc per gallon

The real difference in paint is; how much paint film is left on the surface after it dries.

Each coat of Benjamin Moore Regal-high build paint dries to 2.3, leaving a total of 4.6mils.

Painting America, Inc. understands this fact and never waters down the paint. We make sure our prep procedures are correct for your situation and that premium quality paint is applied to at least the minimum 2.9 mills required for 15-18 years of protection.

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