Kirkland Client Receives Clean, Bright White to Complement Cool Wall Palette and Millwork

Kirkland Painting Company

Cool and Calming Effect

As a Kirkland Painting Company, we can help you create a tranquil guest room for your family and friends by intentionally selecting colors that provide a psychological calming effect.

Your house guests will be grateful for the calm space to retreat to during their visit and restful sleep.

Blue is just that said calming color. Here in Kirkland we selected a lovely shade of blue form the Benjamin Moore fan deck to compliment the cool red/brown comforter.

Ceiling White compliments millwork white, Kirkland Paint Contractor, Painting AmericaThe white for the millwork is a clean, bright white.

The ceiling white is determined by comparing whites to the trim, staying in the cool white palette to compliment the wall color, but just enough different than the mill work, allowing the millwork to pop.

Kirkland Painting Company

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