How To Keep Interior Paint from Rubbing Off

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As a painting company here in the Redmond area, we often get the question, “why does my interior paint rub off?”

It’s a great question!

What often happens is that paint manufactures sell low to high grade interior paint to be used for different situations.

Most building contractors in new home construction use low grade flat paint because they want to
trim cost where they can to increase profit margins.

Cheap paints contain fillers, powders, water, solvents, and less binders. This cuts down on the needed adhesion materials of the coating to the wall.

This allows for “clay like” coverage and hides sheetrock and texture imperfections. These ingredients are Aluminum silicates (clay -that have been heated to drive off water).

It also includes Calcium Carbonate (chalk – low cost, low hiding pigment), and Talc (general purpose extender), and  Diatomaceous Silicates (limits sheen).

Simply put, there are no ingredients in this low end flat paint to permit, rich color, durability or “washability”.

How does this affect an interior repaint project?

The flat low-end paint is very porous. Due to the porosity the liquids (vehicle) of the new paint being applied are absorbed in some areas, more than others, leaving the binder partly exposed and an uneven finish.

The color and sheen has a lot to do with the finished appearance as well, the higher the sheen, the more the sheet rock defects may appear.

This includes tape joints, uneven texture, and nail pops. These are most commonly seen in stairwells and walls with direct light.

Important – If you have applied paint samples to the walls, it is likely that those painted areas will telegraph through the finish coat.

Why? Because those areas will have three coats of color and the remaining areas are only two, this is known as sheen build.

So what’s the solution?

We rely on Benjamin Moore premium products for exacting performance.

Benjamin Moore scientists have created paints that provide amazing benefits. The proprietary hybrid resin and ceramic coatings, provides durability, stain release and toughness with the esthetic beauty of a matte finish.

Premium paints provide excellent hide, for coverage and sheetrock imperfections, and durability for the active family.

Waterborne finishes, offered by Benjamin Moore are low to zero VOC’s because of the breakthrough ColorLock technology.

The hybrid resin coupled with these waterborne colorants creates a luxurious finish and richer, truer color desired by discerning homeowners.

We know this can get confusing. As a local painting company, we consider it our duty to provide you with the best in painting knowledge and color consultations.

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