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If you live in Bellevue, and you’re looking at painting your home, then getting a color consultation is a must!

It will help you select colors from fan decks, have a discussion of what you like,  the overall feeling and desired outcome, selecting options that compliment flooring, furnishings, cabinetry and the architecture.

We’ll educate about color and what tints make up a given color, and how to view color in a fan deck and know how it will react once it is applied. We’ll guide away from color that will provide an undesired look and feel, the objective is to remain true to your likes the overall decorating goal and  theme. We can talk about trends, and the do’s and don’ts of painting.

Did you know that lighting interacts with color and can change from room to room and from morning to night? It does! And this is just one part of a color consultation with Painting America.

Our emphasis is not only that the colors selected are what you love and that they are indeed providing the desired décor, but that you are certain before paint is purchased in quantity, that you know how the color is going to show up in each space.

We do this by painting a small wall in each room. This eliminates color contamination from the existing wall color and allows for you to see the true color and to watch how it changes in the different lighting of the day and evening. We believe this to be the best way to take guessing out and to give you the confidence in commit to your chosen colors.

Here’s one bonus tip – We recommend soft white light bulbs for your home. Why? Because they provide non obtrusive lighting and help create a better feel in your home. Stay away from the energy efficient, fluorescent, and bright white bulbs. They can change every color to an undesirable hue.

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