Kirkland Painting Contractor - Customer Testimonial

Kirkland Painting Contractor – Customer Testimonial

As a painting contractor based in Kirkland, Washington, we take pride in our work. We strive to provide a quality paint job. So we’re always happy when one of our customers has good things to say.

Listen to Katherine as she shares her experience with Painting America!

Dear Painting America,

From the very beginning, I felt that you were working with me to help me make the right decision about choosing a painting company. I was new to hiring painters and I appreciate that you recognized that and took the time to teach me about licenses, different ways to go about the job, and questions to ask other companies who would be bidding on the job.

It was nice to have someone explain the whole process to me. You were both pleasant to work with and I always felt you had my best interest in mind.

And about the paint: I love it! I still don’t know how Dave could paint my lumpy, bumpy, textured walls with such precision. I’ve enjoyed having people over to show off my new paint colors. More than a few people have been impressed with how you managed to get a straight line for my orange wall.

Thank you,

Katherine Inman — Kirkland, Washington

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