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How Exterior Paint Color Changes the Design Feel

How does paint color and where it is applied to the home exterior affect the design feel?

Every decade has its colors. We all can remember the colors of our parents’ appliances, the car colors that were available when we purchased our first car.

The photos in our parents’ albums reveal the clothing styles and colors throughout the decades. Paint color and the carefully thought out placement can take a house from dated and a bit drab, to current, like new, and visually balanced.

When thinking about the exterior home color, the design feel described by the client during the Color Consultation, was a modern feel, like seen in the new modern home construction in the area.

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Luckily the exterior architecture of the house has modern elements that can be emphasized with paint color placement.

One of the popular color combinations in our area is black anodized metal windows, painted black doors, black metal or composite roofs, black lighting fixtures and white painted siding. The client wanted this modern, black and white, look for the exterior of her home.

Here are the thought processes that went into the decisions about the chosen colors:

  • The windows were not black, in fact they are a deep dark brown.
  • The doors were a Polynesian influence, undoubtedly a connection to family heritage for the previous homeowner.
  • The front door was dark. Should it have a pop of color?
  • The home had four colors. What should be emphasized with color and what should not?
  • Landscaping and gardening is important and with the current color on the house the plants seems to be lost, how do we elevate its importance in the visual effect?

It was determined that we could “own” the dark brown window color as the “black” that was needed. A dark brown with undertones of black (paint color) was chosen for the trim color.

The front doors needed to be changed to a modern style with glass, horizontal panels, to allow natural light into the entry of the home. The door to the garage would be changed to a solid panel style.

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Doors would be stained to coordinate with trim color. (New doors are not pictured)

A three color scheme, gave the house a simple, modern feel. White was selected for the body of the home and a soft mid tone gray in solid color stain for the vertical cedar portions over the garages. The horizontal band around the middle of the home was painted white.

Lastly the flat concrete areas in between the driveway pavers were bleached and cleaned to reveal a brighter gray color.

As you can see it brings the eye down and over to the landscaping. The black pots and green of the plants, are showcased with the white house behind them.

A few new light fixtures installed and TA DA!!!

As a Woodinville Exterior painter, we can literally show you what a difference paint color and the well thought out placement can make on the exterior of your home!

There are ways to achieve an end goal, even when there are unchangeable elements.

At Painting America Inc. we work with you on all things considered. It is our promise that our Color Consultations and Interior/Exterior Painting services will exceed your expectations. Pam Brooks, Color Consultant, Co-Owner Painting America, Inc.

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