Bathroom over counter built-in

Flawless Painted Millwork and Color Consultation

Recently, we transformed a bathroom over counter built-in, mantel, and cabinet door from an old oak look to a beautiful painted millwork finish. 

From the beginning, preparation is very important to spraying the application, along with knowledge of product performance, many years of experience, and sheer talent with a spray gun. This all will provide outstanding quality.

Painting America, Inc. delivers flawless finishes for millwork, railings, mantels and cabinets. Depending on the type of wood, the preparation is different.

Flawless Painted Millwork

In the case of oak wood, it’s first required to fill the grain with a paste filler. This levels the large open grain, characteristic to oak.

Two coats of primer and two coats of finish paint are then applied for a beautiful smooth grain free finish transforming any room from outdated to stylish.

Painted millwork opens up the color palette for the walls, where stained millwork can present a restriction in color choices.

The new colors for 2014 are beautiful with painted millwork!

Call Pam today for a comprehensive color consultation and assessment of your options for transforming your living spaces with color.

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