Interview With Painting America, Co-Owner Pam Brooks

Interview with Painting America Co-Founder, Pam Brooks

Q – How did Painting America, Inc come about?

A-Dave and I decided to merge our talents, he a talented painting contractor and I, a professional organizer, with experience in the construction field. Dave realized that he needed a strong office support person to complete the picture. We chose the name to represent the all American Dream to own your own home and the freedoms that come with being an American.

Q – Why did you choose to get involved with Painting America, Inc?

A-    Dave is my husband and if I do say so, a very talented painter and determined business man.I find it easy to represent our fine company, with the truth about us and our work.It feels awesome to own a successful painting company. It is a giant pat on the back every day.

Q – What skills, talents, and experience do you add to Painting America, Inc?

A-    I have experience working for a high end remodeling contractor and had my own business as a professional organizer. I bring an innate linear way of thinking and a strong work ethic I pride myself in prompt and clear communication and I am a natural “people person”I am responsible for all happenings in the office, from phones, emails, contracts, hiring, ordering & delivering materials, job site organization and over all team moral.

Q – What do you feel sets Painting America apart from other painting contractors in the Seattle area?

A-   We are different on many levels. We are small enough to care, and big enough to get it done. Our  professional appearance and over all knowledge about paint and process is key.We never cut corners and the prep is essential for a long lasting and beautiful paint job. It sounds cliche to say, but it is true,  we go the extra,extra mile for our clients.  Our business is built on referrals and it is our goal to build long lasting relationships and we have succeeded! Our client base is what keeps us in business year after year.
We are prompt and can be reached 24/7. We provide comprehensive color consultations for our clients paying attention to all elements of design, the clients’ use of the room and the overall desired feel for the home.We travel to the store for flooring and counter top material selection.  Insuring that the colors are correct and all goes well together. We are more than a painting company. We fulfill the needs of our clients  interior decorating and exterior protection of their investment.

Q – If you were a looking for a repaint specialist for your home, why would you feel comfortable choosing Painting America?

A- We are very good at what we do. Dave is a walking encyclopedia on paint and process, he has 31 years of experience to draw from and he treats every client as if they were family. His artistic talent is evident in every one of his jobs. We run our  business by the book,and I would know that I am protected as a consumer.

I can view videos and talk with clients and even tour homes for an up close view of the quality work. It is a stress free process because Painting America is very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, professional, clean and careful while working.

We can be reached any time to answer all questions. We know what color will do in a room, because we work with so many colors, in different lighting conditions.
The color consultation experience is fun and informative. We are able to discern the clients’ likes and desires by asking questions and explaining the roll of color in how it establishes a design theme and mood for a room.
We specialize in repaints, we are informed, we consistently deliver outstanding craftsmanship, prompt, friendly customer service,  in business for  21 years, built primarily on customer referrals.

Q – If you could say just one thing to anyone looking for a new painting contractor, what would it be?

A-  You don’t have to be wealthy to afford quality work and service. Painting America, Inc. is an award winning, interior, exterior, residential, repaint specialist company that  is quality driven and can be trusted with all your painting needs. Big or small, they can do it all.

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