Choosing a Painting Contractor: Is Painting America Trustworthy?

Choosing a Painting Contractor

When you go to repaint your home, it can be a tricky process choosing a painting contractor. On the eastside of the Seattle area, there are a lot of painting companies to choose from.

A number of questions come up. Do you choose a painting company by their reputation? Do you choose them by their quoted price? Do you choose them by their knowledge?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just pick one company from the start that had all of the qualities you’re looking for? Well you’re in luck! We know of one such company – Painting America located in Kirkland, Washington.

Reasons why we outlast other Paint Contractors

There are four qualities in particular that we feel make us stand out from the rest of the painting contractors on the Eastside.

  1. Expertise. We have over 30 years of experience in the painting industry. We stay ahead on all of the latest research and trends in our field. We then work from this knowledge to provide your home with the best job possible. In addition, we’re a locally owned and operated company. In other words, we’re not a franchise. We know the area and the environment and what will work best for your particular home.
  2. Professional. We take our industry and our business seriously. Because of that, we’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured. That’s not something you find in many other local painting companies. We go even further maintaining $1,000,000 of general liability insurance. Also, all of our employees are screened and have full background checks. We only hire the best. We also make sure that we have L & I insurance on all of our employees.
  3. Quality. Most of our business comes from word-of-mouth. That only happens because of our high quality on every single home we complete. We offer a 100% guarantee. We also offer extremely fair pricing and use only the highest quality materials. To ensure only the best quality, we never subcontract any aspect of our jobs.
  4. Referrals. Because of our expertise, professionalism, and quality on every job, we have a high number of referrals. If you’re even wondering if we’re the right painting contractor for you, simply give us a call and we can refer you to one of our customers. You can also check out some of our customer testimonials on our YouTube channel.

For a trustworthy, high quality painting contractor, be sure to give us a call! 


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