Paint & Color Consultation

Color Consultation

This is an interactive process that begins with many questions asked and answered. We’ll work together to select wall and ceiling paint colors that are appropriate for your overall design goals.

Included with the color selection will be an explanation of paint and performance.

It’s best to do the color work in the home, along with flooring, counter, and tile samples. Fabrics from furniture, bedding, pillows and rugs are very helpful. Even pictures can be useful as well!

You will be asked to interpret colors as we move around the room. Don’t worry, this part is fun!

For instance, does the color change dramatically when viewed in a shadowed corner? What do you see?

Based on your answers, we’re able to pull paint colors from the decks that correct the undesired outcome.

Additionally, we’ll offer tips about design do’s and don’ts. You’ll have a clear vision of how it will all pull together.

Your accent color will be determined and how to shop and select the right color furnishings for your home is a part of your paint color consultation.

Solutions for viewing paint color samples in your home prior to painting are provided as well.

As your chosen painting contractor, and as part of the consult process, we offer a small painted wall sample. This eliminates color contamination of the existing wall color so you can observe the new color in different lighting throughout the day. You’d be surprised to see how much color changes!

We’ve found this method to be the best way to see the true reaction of a color.

The paint and design color consultation is provided for you to eliminate frustration and fear of selecting the wrong colors.

The consult comes to a close when you are satisfied. You will experience a piece of mind and feel comfortable and excited with your selections.

It should be mentioned that Pam Brooks who runs Painting America is also a color consultant. One of the best things that we ever did was hire her to do a color consultation prior to selecting paint shades.

We spent three delightful, eye-opening hours with her where she actually had us agree on the right colors, shades, and textures. she also guided us make selections for various rooms and room groups as opposed to the standard one color serves all.

Anyone contemplating a major interior painting should definitely have Pam do a color consult first.

-Peter S, Bothell

Paint Color Consultation Fee

Our paint color consultation is not included with painting contract price. Our fee is $175 for the first two hours and $75 per hour beyond that. This is collected at time of service.

If we need to revisit the color selections and apply a second round of test colors, there will be a $75 per hour fee plus the cost of the new paint color.

A Few Common Questions About Our Painting Color Consultation

No, buy asking many questions and determining what YOU want and see in your minds eye: we provide choices for you to select the colors that suit your likes, style and décor.

We educate you on how to “read” color and by moving around the rooms with the color samples we are able to examine together what a color does in the changing light. You can then eliminate the colors that you don’t care for and narrow it down to the best one. We stay up on design trends and we understand architecture, do’s & don’ts. We steer you in the right direction, and make it fun along the way.

Typically 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the project.
If you are a client of Painting America, Dave will paint two coats on a small wall, in each room, for you to observe in different lighting, before paint is ordered for your job. This provides you with the confidence that you do indeed love the colors.
Our consult fee is integrated into the contract amount for our painting clients, payable at time of service. The fee is $175 for a minimum of two hours and $75 per hour for additional time needed. The consult includes wall sample application, for our painting clients.
Yes, we understand that when talking about color-Hue and shade-Value things can be confusing. We explain terminology not only for paint, but for process as well.
Yes, it is confusing for the consumer to understand what is happening with our lighting choices. We can explain your choices and give you the information you need to select what works best for your situation.
Yes. How paint is made is very technical and we stay current with the ever changing technology of the Benjamin Moore line of paints, primers, stains and clear finishes.

Sheens vary with each paint manufacturer and it is important to understand this when selecting the sheen for your rooms

Yes, we can have the match done for you and make sure it is as close as is possible.


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