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What to Expect from a Repaint Specialist on Your Exterior Repaint

When it comes to an exterior repaint, the expertise of a repaint specialist like Painting America in Bothell, WA can make all the difference in achieving a long-lasting and high-quality paint job. From extensive preparation to the use of premium quality products, understanding what to expect from a repaint specialist is crucial. In this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step process, highlighting the importance of thorough preparation, cleaning, primer, paint application, and the meticulous clean-up that sets repaint specialists like us apart.

An Exterior Repaint Starts with Extensive Preparation

Exterior Repaint Expectations for a Repaint Specialist - Bothell, WA - Painting America

When you hire a repaint specialist for your exterior repaint project, you can expect a meticulous process that prioritizes attention to detail and the use of premium quality materials. Let’s delve into the key aspects of what you can expect from a repaint specialist.

As an exterior repaint specialist, Painting America understands that the prep work is crucial for a long-lasting paint job. We take the time to prepare and paint correctly, following industry standards and best practices. Our expertise ensures that every step is executed with precision.

Power Washing

Firstly, a repaint specialist will power wash your home using an oscillating tip. This will effectively remove any remaining failed paint. Depending on the extent of failure, there might be paint chips in your yard. The specialist will make every effort to rake, sweep, and vacuum as much as possible. The power washing process can take a full day, depending on the size of your home. It is advised to have someone inside the home to watch for seepage under doors and around windows during this stage.

Drying Time

After power washing, the house needs sufficient time to dry, typically 3-5 days. A moisture meter is used to ensure the moisture level is below 15% before proceeding with the painting process.

Cleaning the Substrate

Next, we sand off any failed paint from the substrate using power sanders and hand sanding techniques. This step ensures proper adhesion of the new paint and prevents premature failure. The sanding dust is then removed using high-pressure air, and the substrate is wiped clean to eliminate any contaminants. To ensure a clean and smooth surface, a we will clean the substrate using a soap and bleach solution. This step eliminates mildew spores and dirt, providing a clean canvas for the paint. It’s important to remove outdoor patio cushions, umbrellas, BBQ, hot tub covers, and window screens for safekeeping during the cleaning process.

Caulking and Preparation

As a repaint specialist, we pay attention to detail when it comes to caulking. Areas mentioned in the scope will receive ample caulking using All Pro elastomeric caulking, known for its exceptional expansion and contraction capabilities. However, it’s important to note that caulking is not applied where the rafter meets the soffit or bird block meets the siding, in accordance with industry standards. Nail holes on siding are not filled with caulking to avoid leaving shiny spots.

Surface Protection

To safeguard surrounding areas, we will cover windows, doors, brick, and other vulnerable surfaces with tape, paper, and plastic. Drop cloths will be used to protect roofs, concrete, and plants. If you plan to install new light fixtures, please remove the existing fixtures on the first day of preparation. Repaint specialists are not allowed to install new fixtures due to insurance restrictions.

Exterior Primer and Paint Application

Bare wood surfaces will receive a coat of primer applied with a sprayer, followed by back brushing and rolling for proper penetration and mill build. This step helps to lock out cedar tannins and ensures optimal adhesion. If the wood is not bare, primer is not necessary as the paint is self-priming. The siding will then be coated with paint using a sprayer, followed by back brushing and rolling. It is important to allow the first coat to dry for at least four hours before applying the final coat to ensure proper protection and longevity.

Let Us Do Your Next Exterior Repaint

When you hire Painting America for your exterior repaint project, you can expect meticulous preparation, premium quality products, and a commitment to delivering a protective and long-lasting paint job. From thorough cleaning and power washing to expert caulking and precise paint application, our attention to detail sets us apart. With Painting America, you can trust that every step will be taken to achieve a beautiful and durable finish, ensuring your home’s exterior stands the test of time. Even better, while maintaining a commitment to quality, Painting America typically offer pricing that falls in the middle range when compared to other contractors in the market. This ensures you get value for your investment without compromising on the quality of work.

Contact Painting America today for your next exterior repaint project. You’ll be glad you did.

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