Vinyl siding

Does Your Home Have Vinyl or Aluminum Siding?

What is the correct way to clean it?

There are many do-it-yourself methods involving a garden hose sprayer attachment a pump sprayer to apply cleaning solution, and a ladder to get to all the tall places of your home. Not to mention the weekend days lost to this homeowner chore. Only to find the next day areas that your hand held sprayer did not reach!!

At Painting America, Inc. we provide exterior power washing services that are fast and effective. Our cleaning solution is a mix of 5.5% bleach and surfactant. When mixed, this solution is biodegradable and will not harm your plants.

This solution removes black mildew and algae right before your eyes!

Power washing the surface is necessary, most home garden hose water supply does not have enough pressure to clean well. Special care must be taken when power washing aluminum and vinyl siding. If done incorrectly, the color can come off the aluminum or deep lines can be created in the vinyl siding.

Power Washing Your Home’s Siding

We use a power washing tip that provides a 45 degree angle spray, providing a large expansive fan spray of water. Generally speaking, the smaller the spray the more pressure behind it.

This cleaning process applies to decks and wood fences, spot courts, driveways, patios and brick surfaces.

Our specialized trailer mounted low pressure sprayer is rated at 100 psi delivering seven gallons of cleaning solution per minute and reaching heights of 40 feet, all while standing on the ground! A 2,000 square foot house will need about 50 gallons of cleaning solution, followed with the low pressure cleaning.

Our ground surface washing equipment is commercial grade providing the highest cleaning power to bring driveway aggregate concrete back to gray. Did you know it is not supposed to be black?

Exterior cleaning is a great solution to keeping your home and grounds looking new. No more black streaks on your gutters, no more green algae or black mold dots on your soffits and siding!

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