Kirkland Painting Company: Why We Use Peel Bond

Peel Bond brings paint success

As a Kirkland Painting Company, we strive to make every job the highest quality paint job we can. To ensure our success, we use only the best materials.

One of the products we use is Peel Bond.  Peel Bond is a primer coating we use as part of our preparation work. It is designed to fill in the damaged grain checked wood, glue down edges and to provide a bondable, surface for the new coating to adhere to.  The result is that you have a nicer looking and longer lasting paint job on your home.

We use Peel bond on houses with any level of failure. Peel Bond gives us and you the insurance that the substrate is sound for painting. Preparing the substrate is key in all repaints. The goal is to protect the siding for many years.

Our process is extensive and could account for cost difference in bids. We pre-treat with Jomax house cleaner / mildewcide and power wash with an oscillating tip, twice if needed. This removes a large amount of failed paint, much more than a fan tip. The evidence shows – if failed paint is left on the substrate, it will lift in a few years and push off the new paint.

We then sand with grinders to remove even more. This process heats the paint and can curl the edges so we go around the house again and feather sand by hand where needed. Then we remove all sanding dust and apply superior performance caulking around all windows, doors, end joint, voids and small knot holes.

We allow it to dry thoroughly. Then we apply Peel Bond to insure a correct and solid foundation to build a quality, long lasting paint job. The objective is to solve the premature paint failure problem.

The application of paint and the quality of paint plays a key role in the protection of your siding. The first coat must provide a sufficient, uniform layer and allowed to dry 2-4 hours. If not allowed to film, before second coating, the second application just re-activates the first coat and you end up with insufficient mil build and insufficient protection and early failure is likely to be the result.

So as you can see, unlike many other painting contractors on the Eastside, we know our stuff! And then we pass that knowledge onto to you in the form of a quality paint job for your home!

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